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Firstly, congratulations! QC is a formal club of the institute now. QCfixion is the quizzing festival that the club is organising in the first half of the Spring semester, 2011. Exact dates will be announced after the commencement of the semester. The festival aims at providing the participants a more direct and interesting quizzing experience, where they get the thrill of a tournament, not seen in the weekly QC sessions or other regular quizzes. The format is as follows:

1. Teams comprising of two members are invited.

2. The teams have to register themselves beforehand, sending the name of the team and names and contact details of the members at or by submitting the details in person to the organisers (all students will be notified in this regard at appropriate time).

3. All registered teams will compete against each other at the Preliminary Level 1. This will be a written round spanning questions from numerous topics, and will judge the quizzing skills of the participants in an adequately fair manner.

4. Top 50% teams will qualify for Preliminary Level 2: another written round where one scores as per his/her proficiency in the subject (to be chosen out of given options) they know well. Participants shall fill their subject of excellence as highest priority and the subject about which they are least confident as lowest priority. Offered subjects, broadly classified are:

a. Science and Technology

b. Business and Travel

c. Sports and Entertainment

d. History, Geography and General Studies

e. Politics and Current Affairs

5. A participant gets more positive marks for a correct answer and more negative marks for a wrong answer in a subject of high priority. Similarily, scores of low priority subjects hold a lesser value.

6. 8 teams qualify for the final rounds where quarter finals, semi finals and a Grand-Finale will be held.

Exciting prizes for winners and finalists. More information can be obtained by contacting us on

Question 3

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Celebrated as a national festival in Nepal, it is considered as the most auspicious festival of the year by all Nepalese irrespective of their caste or religion. The festival occurs during a lunar fortnight ending on the day of full moon. The celebration, commemorating the victory of Gods over Evil, gives special importance to family gathering and animal sacrifice. Now-a-days, the festival has been highly commercialised by companies who launch several schemes especially to sell electronic home appliances, vehicles, etc. What is this festival called? How do we Indians know this festival as?


Question 2

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Day: Sunday, 3rd December
Time: 5:40 pm
Taj Mahal was covered with a forest of twigs and leaves and coarse jute fabrics.
Why would anyone do this to tarnish this beauty in white marble?

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Get Set Go: Question 1

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If a X b = c ; a X c = d ; b X e =f   then f=?

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